QUEENS - Jury selection began today in the case against a man accused of being the mastermind of an elaborate scheme to frame his ex-girlfriend.

Seemona Sumasar spent seven months in jail after being indicted for allegedly posing as a police officer, pulling people over and robbing them at gunpoint.

In an exclusive jailhouse interview last July, Sumasar said she knew her ex-boyfriend Jerry Ramrattan was behind an intricate plot to set her up. Sumasar said Ramrattan wanted to silence her because he raped her, and she was going to testify against him.

Ramrattan is now on trial for rape, perjury and conspiracy. He was arrested in December after officials from the Nassau County District Attorney's Office claimed new information from a confidential source helped them unravel the plot.

Prosecutors say Ramrattan coached and paid two fake eyewitnesses to blame Sumasar. His attorney, however, says the prosecution's case is built on lies.

Opening statements likely won't happen until next Tuesday or Wednesday. The trial itself is expected to last about a month.2 accused of framing woman to face Nassau Co. judge today Charges dropped against mom accused of robbing drivers in Nassau