QUEENS - The man accused of raping his ex-girlfriend and then attempting to frame her for a string of robberies decided not to take the stand today.

Yesterday, Jerry Ramrattan told his attorney, Frank Kelly, he was planning to testify, but today he informed the judge that he chose not to take the stand.

Kelly says based on the case presented by the prosecution, his client didn't need to testify.

"I don't think they have a strong case, and I've said that from the beginning," Kelly says. "Their case is based on liars and perjurers."

Ramrattan is accused of attempting to keep Seemona Sumasar from testifying in her rape case against him by paying off false witnesses to testify that they saw Sumasar rob people at gunpoint while being disguised as a cop.

The Far Rockaway mother spent nearly seven months in jail awaiting trial before an informant helped unravel Ramrattan's alleged scheme.

Ramrattan is facing more than a dozen charges, among them rape, perjury and conspiracy.

Closing arguments in the case are scheduled for Monday.