STONY BROOK - Police say two men were arraigned today after being accused of drug possession.

Police say Benjamin Laudonio was driving high on drugs with his friend Paul Lucente and Lucente?s 4-year-old son in the car.

According to police, when they pulled over the pair on Route 25 in Smithtown yesterday, Lucente, of Kings Park, ran away. Police say Lucente left his little boy in the car.

News 12 Long Island has learned that the 4-year-old was unbelted in the back seat.

Police also say they found heroin and a hypodermic needle in the car.

Lucente's father, Paul, told News 12 Long Island his son ran because he has been arrested twice before and claims police beat him.

Lucente Sr. said his son has a heroin problem and he has tried to get him help.