SHIRLEY - A Shirley man who was arrested in February for allegedly keeping 100 different animals in his house, including a baby bull, sat down with News 12 Long Island to tell his side of the story.

At the time of his arrest, police called 23-year-old Alan Warner an animal hoarder and charged him with 61 counts of animal cruelty. Warner, however, denies ever having the intention of keeping the animals for an extended period of time.

"I was trying to take them in, prevent them from being thrown out or exterminated, and I was taking them in to put them in a better home," he says.

Warner says the problem was that the animals "were coming in faster then they were going out."

Most of the nearly 100 animals had lived inside the two-bedroom home which Warner was sharing with an elderly woman. Police say the residence was filthy, and there were dead animals on the premises.

Warner says he couldn't give the animals a proper burial, but he didn't want to throw them out.

Warner is due back in court Monday. If convicted, he could face a year behind bars.