MALVERNE - If you're pedaling your way around Malverne, you may notice ample spots to park your bike, and that's all thanks to the efforts of a local teen.

Fiona Marren and her dad often ride their bikes through the streets of Malverne, but the 14-year-old noticed that when they reached their destinations, there were few options for securing their bicycles.

The Girl Scout and student at Sacred Heart Academy spoke to the village mayor about having bike racks installed, and her idea was met with support -- Mayor Patricia McDonald is an avid bike rider herself.

"It's a great project, because it helps the community as well. The racks are placed where they can be used the most," says McDonald.

Marren set up a fundraising campaign on GoFundMe, handed out fliers and set up a website, In the end, she raised nearly $18,000 for the project.

Now she can enjoy riding her bike around town even more, seeing what she has accomplished. "I see people walking their bikes to them a lot. It makes me feel good to see it," she says.