LONG BEACH - A day care center run by the city of Long Beach is accused of serious violations that could put children in danger.

Magnolia Day Care was cited for nine violations by the state within the past month, including failure to report “suspected child abuse or mistreatment.”

One of those violations, found on March 25, says, "If the director of the center is the person allegedly responsible for the alleged abuse or maltreatment of the child in care, staff must report the alleged abuse directly to the statewide Central Register of Child Abuse."  The state says that was not done.

Since last July, Magnolia has been cited for 21 violations by the State Office of Children and Family Services, including corporal punishment, a violation the state now says has been corrected.

The state would not comment on the case directly due to its ongoing investigation.

A spokeswoman did tell News 12 that the Office of Family Service does have the authority to suspend its license if there is an imminent risk to the health and safety of the children.

Magnolia is run by the City of Long Beach. A spokesperson for the city released a statement saying they are awaiting agencies to directly advise them about the specific issues at the day care facility. An internal review of all policies and procedures at day care facilities throughout the city will be conducted, according to the spokesperson.