HEMPSTEAD - A revolutionary procedure is providing relief for a 4-year-old Hempstead girl with scoliosis.

Jordan Jennings was born with a condition that created an “S” curve in her spine. Her parents, Joanne and Douglas, learned that the normal treatment would be to surgically place a rod in her back. That would require years of follow-up surgeries. But Dr. Selena Poon, a pediatric orthopedist, suggested a new technique called MAGEC.

The FDA approved MAGEC technique last year, in which magnetic rods are implanted into the patient.  Every six months, they're stretched without the need for surgery. Before Jordan, surgeons had never performed the procedure on Long Island.

She had the surgery on March 2 and her parents say she immediately showed improvement.

“She doesn't want to take naps anymore,” said Joanne Jennings. “She wants to run, play. She's active.”

Doctors at Cohen's Children Medical Center say 1 in 100,000 children are diagnosed with scoliosis.