MINEOLA - An Oyster Bay man has been charged in the fatal hit-and-run on the Southern State Parkway that killed a 59-year-old Hempstead man.

Police say Sherman Richardson was driving to work on Dec. 5, 2014 when his car was struck from behind by Madi Grant. Authorities say Grant was on a drug and alcohol binge before he got behind the wheel.

Richardson's car veered off into the woods and slammed into a tree, killing him instantly.

Grant pleaded not guilty to the grand jury indictment that includes manslaughter and vehicular manslaughter.

Acting Nassau District Attorney Madeline Singas is calling for tougher state penalties for drivers who flee the scene after someone has been injured or killed. Singas and Suffolk County District Attorney Thomas Spota want to triple the potential jail term for that crime from five to 15 years.

"We cannot have an incentive built into the law that makes it worth the while for the defendant to leave a man dying on the side of the road, because he doesn't want evidence of his crime to be found that night," says Singas.

Earlier this year, lawmakers passed very limited hit-and-run legislation that only applies to rare cases.

Grant's bail was set at $1 million bond or $500,000 cash. He is due back in court Friday.