LYNBROOK - A street renaming ceremony was held in Lynbrook for an 11-year-old boy who died from an extremely rare tumor of the brainstem called DIPG.

Zachary Bernstein, of Lynbrook, was suffering from double-vision and tingling in his left side on Memorial Day weekend last year. His father said they noticed some neurological changes during that time. After nine months, he had passed away.

David Bernstein says in his son's finals months, he fought each day and endured three brain surgeries.

"He worked incredibly hard,” said Bernstein. “He challenged himself. He used walkers to get around and he did not let it slow him down."

Zachary Way was unveiled before loved ones and the community Saturday afternoon. A local family, the Cimatos, also donated most of the materials for a memorial garden outside of Lynbrook South, Zachary's middle school.

The Bernstein family says they are committed to raising money for cancer research.