LYNBROOK - Sal and Ruth Mazzaro, of Lynbrook, say although they were overbilled by utility companies for four decades, they will not be reimbursed the nearly $10,000 they were erroneously charged.

The Mazzaros say they were charged the higher commercial rate for gas instead of the residential rate.

However, the state Public Service Commission (PSC), which regulates the utility National Grid, refunded the Mazzaros around $70 for the commercial rate mistake. In a letter, the commission blamed the retired couple for not noticing the improper rate code on the back of their bills.

National Grid says it's just following the orders of the PSC. However, state Sen. Charles Fuschillo (R-Merrick) told News 12 Long Island it's "appalling" that the utility refuses to fully refund the Mazzaros.

The PSC says the couple can appeal the decision with an informal hearing.

The Mazzaros say their only course of action now is to hire an attorney and possibly file a lawsuit.