LYNBROOK - A Lynbrook motel is a haven for drugs and crime, according to community members.

Residents say the Capri Lynbrook Motor Inn is a danger to the community.

“It’s the eyesore of the neighborhood,” says Phil Carini. “It’s the bad spot in town, everyone knows about it.”

Police say a man staying at the Capri was arrested earlier today. He had a warrant out for his arrest on drug-related charges. According to police, prostitution and drugs have been an issue at the motel.

While some want the Capri shut down, Lynbrook Village Attorney Peter Ledwith says closing the motel is easier said than done. The village can revoke the Capri's rental license if it violates three village codes within 90 days. The problem, according to Ledwith, is that the police department has not been able to come up with three violations in 90 days. They've been occurring, but not three within 90 days.

The general manager of the Capri refused to go on camera. But he did tell News 12 Long Island that the motel is not going anywhere. He says it’s safe and that there is nothing going on there that is any different from hotels around the world.

The general manager says the motel is cooperating with police and that they do try to screen guests, but they can’t discriminate.