MASSAPEQUA - A new threat has emerged in communities devastated by Hurricane Sandy: looters. Massapequa resident Cathy Carr says thieves have tried to loot her belongings twice since Superstorm Sandy flooded her Highwater Avenue home. She says one brazen thief tried to walk into her home through her garage and another picked through water-logged items piled on the street. Carr isn't alone. Her neighbors say looters are scoping out streets by foot, boat and car. They say thieves are looking through broken windows, open garages and doors to pick through what's left of flood-damaged homes. So far, residents say National Guard and police patrols have stopped looters before they've stolen anything. Residents say they're also relying on neighborhood watches to protect themselves against looters. Neighbors who've grown closer during this crisis say they're looking out for their community now more than ever.