SMITHTOWN - The Smithtown town clerk says longtime Town Supervisor Pat Vecchio neglected to sign a written oath of office - vacating his position.

Town Clerk Vincent Puleo says Vecchio and newly elected Councilwoman Lynne Nowick did not sign their oaths with the required 30-day period, costing both their jobs.

Vecchio is livid and says he’s a victim of conspiracy by Smithtown conservatives, including Puleo and his election opponent Robert Creighton.

“This is my 13th election,” he says. “In all 12 previous elections, the town clerk or his deputy brought documents to me to be signed. That did not happen this time … you figure that one out.”

Nowick also says the clerk neglected to bring the matter to her attention.

“In the last 30 days, the town clerk never advised me,” she says. “There was no notification, no interaction - although he's been in this office many times.”

Both Vecchio and Nowick were sworn into office on Jan. 1, but former Suffolk legislative counsel Paul Sabatino tells News 12 Long Island that the positions are legally vacant. The town attorney is trying to figure out if Vecchio and Nowick's positions are in fact vacant. If they are, the town board says it will have to vote to fill those spots.

News 12 tried to reach Puleo for comment, but was informed he was on vacation.