EAST MORICHES - Some Long Islanders are unhappy with calls to reopen a probe into the TWA Flight 800 crash.

Six retired National Transportation Safety Board investigators want to reopen the probe. In a new documentary, they claim that they were pressured into concluding that the tragedy was accidental.

James Hurd, who lost his son on Flight 800, says a new investigation is a waste of time.

Marie Maag, who helped raise money for a memorial to the victims, agrees that a new probe would be pointless.

"I mean what's it going to prove at this point, after all these years, 17 years?" Maag asks.

But Dr. Stephen Curtis, who helped recover victims' bodies, says any effort to find the truth about the crash could be emotionally healing.

"I think for the families, I think they would want to know truly what happened," Curtis says.

Families of TWA Flight 800 victims say they're planning a memorial service at Smith Point Park on the evening of July 17.

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