WOODBURY - While most Long Islanders are getting ready for some weekend fun, some are bracing for the trumpets of Judgment Day and the four horsemen of the apocalypse.

Many local residents don't seem concerned about predictions that tomorrow, May 21, will mark the beginning of the end. Followers of fringe Christian evangelist Harold Camping say he has calculated the date and time of Judgment Day by adding up numbers in the Bible.

However, some people say the Bible expressly states that "no man will know the day, the hour or the season."

Camping and his followers have drawn worldwide attention through a massive advertising campaign. Some in his flock have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on billboards posted around the country.

This is not the first time Camping has attempted to predict the coming of the apocalypse.

"He said the same thing back in 1994," says Ray Arnold, of Ronkonkoma. "He was wrong then."

Camping predicts that God's chosen few will be raptured up into the heavens while the rest will suffer through a massive worldwide earthquake beginning tomorrow at 6 p.m.