HICKSVILLE - As the debt-limit deadline approaches, many Long Islanders are growing increasingly concerned about how the expected default of the U.S. government will affect them.Athanasios Pappas, of Greenlawn, is retired and collects a Social Security check. He's worried about President Barack Obama's warning that if the government defaults on its debts, those checks might not come. If the U.S. Congress and the president fail to come to an agreement by the Aug. 2 deadline, it may also threaten benefits for veterans and the disabled. In addition, New Yorkers could face an average of $1,000 more a year in higher interest rates on everything from credit cards to car loans.Business owners may also face higher interest rates if they want to take out a loan.Tom Neives, who owns a furniture store in Hicksville, says he has thought about taking out a loan to expand his business, but now he's not sure if it would be possible.