NEW YORK - For many families of victims of Sept. 11, the pain of lost loved ones is still fresh, even 10 years out.

Long Island families were especially hurt by the Sept. 11 attacks.

Michael Pascale and Alice Caliendo, both from Long Island, lost their nephew Michael Tamuccio in the attacks. They say his remains were never found."It is sacred ground because this is Michael's resting spot," says Caliendo of Ground Zero.

Marjorie Miller, of Baldwin, lost her husband, Joel, who worked on the 97th floor of the north tower. She came to see the memorial and see her husband's name etched into it.

"It takes your breath away," says Miller. "The pools were huge and amazing and you appreciate the vastness and Michael Irad's vision of reflecting absence."

Thousands of spectators from all over the country also attended the memorial service.

The monument was open today only for the families of victims of the attacks. It will open to the general public tomorrow. Reservations are required.

9/11 LI Remembers