WOODBURY - Officials say 67 new life-saving defibrillators are now available at sites across Long Island, and 73 more are in the works.

The devices are located in group homes, but available to anyone in the neighborhood. Residences that have defibrillators will post "Heart Saver" signs in their windows.

The defibrillator-distribution program has been spearheaded by Karen Acompora, whose son, Louis, died at the age of 14 on his high school lacrosse field after being hit in the chest by a ball.

Acompora has spent nearly a decade lobbying for defibrillators to be mandatory in schools, police cars, public buildings and airports.

Neighbors in each community that has an AED machine will be getting a flyer offering free training.

Experts say for every minute that defibrillation doesn't happen, a person's chance of surviving cardiac arrest decreases by 10 percent.Family Residences and Essential Enterprises