HEMPSTEAD - Long Islanders held a special tribute in Hempstead today ahead of Sunday's official National Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial dedication in Washington, D.C. The major theme of the gathering at the Antioch Baptist Church of Hempstead was Dr. King's dream and whether it's been realized on the Island and around the country.Although many may feel the racism that Dr. King had fought against is now in the past, some say it is not so. "Nassau County is still one of the most racist counties in America," says Bishop Frank White, of the Nassau County Council of Clergy "There is still white flight when black folks move in." When asked what Dr. King would say about the world if he were alive today, some of the civil rights activists say he would have mixed emotions. "We need to keep the fight and the struggle because there are still issues that need to be dealt with," says Rev. Dr. Phillip Elliott, of Antioch Baptist Church.Many of the people who gathered in Hempstead today say they will be at the memorial dedication Sunday.