HUNTINGTON - Statues of him can be found around the country, but deep within the depths of Huntington Town Hall, you can find records and artifacts that link the town to one of the heroes of the American Revolution – Nathan Hale.

Throughout the town, Hale’s memory is honored, including a column on Main Street. It was along the Huntington Bay shores that Hale made his way from Connecticut to spy on the British in the 1700s. Historians say Hale volunteered to help George Washington by spying on the British army in Manhattan after the Battle of Brooklyn in September 1776. However, Hale was captured in Huntington and brought to the city to be executed. According to historians, Hale was the first American spy to be executed.

Inside Town Hall, there is a bronze statue of the American Patriot sculpted by American artist Frederick MacMonnies. Huntington Town Clerk Jo-Ann Raia says the statue is a replica of one that sits at City Hall in Manhattan.  The statue represents the last hours of Hale’s life.

For history buffs, you can take a walking tour and check out the monuments in the Town of Huntington. And by special appointment, you can see the MacMonnies statue. It will be on display during the month of September to honor his death.