STONY BROOK - The Country House Restaurant in Stony Brook is believed to be one of Long Island's most haunted houses thanks to a ghoulish girl who has been around for centuries.

Flashing lights, unexplained orbs, footsteps and a woman singing are among the otherworldly phenomena experienced within the restaurant - all thought to be signs of a blond-haired young girl named Annette Williamson who lived there during the 1700s.

As the tale goes, 17-year-old Annette had been left to care for the family's home and her younger siblings while her parents scurried off to New Jersey to secure another property as British troops advanced. The British came to town and wanted to occupy the house, to which Annette obliged.

After the Revolutionary War, locals accused Annette of being a loyalist and spying for the British, eventually killing her in brutal fashion.

A hidden hillside graveyard behind the County House is where Annette was believed to be buried.

Annette's parents never returned, and they were thought to be killed by the British. But not knowing her parents' fate, Annette is said to be waiting by a window for their return.

To this day, some passersby say they still see the image of a young girl peering out the window.