HUNTINGTON HARBOR - Pottery has long been made on the North Shore of Huntington Harbor.

Huntington Harbor, with clay perfect for stoneware, became the site of one of the largest and longest operating potteries on the Island.

In 2010, Karen Levine bought a house in Huntington on the shores of the harbor. She discovered she was living in the potter's house, which was right next to what used to be Brown Brothers Pottery.

George Brown and his brothers moved from Poughkeepsie to Huntington in 1863 and set up shop with several pottery wheels and a wood-burning kiln, which provided Long Island with necessary butter churns, jugs, crocks, bowls and pitchers.

Anyone can dig their own shards at Halesite Park in Huntington. If you are lucky enough, you may find a piece with the Brown Brothers name on it.