LIDO BEACH - A Long Beach woman says she was on the beach when she and one of her dogs were attacked by a pair of pit bulls.

The incident happened Monday evening at the dog park at Nickerson Beach in Lido Beach. Susan Bissett says she was there with her German shepherd and 14-year-old Jack Russell terrier named Jake, who did not survive the attack.

Moments before the attack, three people entered the park with three dogs described by Bissett as a brindle mastiff-pit mix and two pit bulls. She says there was no indication that the dogs were violent until the first attacked Jake without provocation. That's when the two pit bulls followed.

With Jake lying dead on the ground and Bissett in tears on the ground next to him, she says the owners of the attacking dogs simply took their pets and went home.

Bissett and others have put up signs at the park and around the community warning others, but no one has so far seen the dogs she says attacked Jake.

Nassau County police and the Nassau SPCA says they are aware of the incident, but have not been able to locate the dogs or their owners.