LONG BEACH - Residents in the City of Long Beach are expressing anger and frustration as they start to get a feel for the sheer devastation that Sandy has brought to their area. Long Beach was one of the hardest-hit areas when the storm pummeled Long Island yesterday. The city streets were under several feet of floodwater while vicious winds pounded on buildings and homes. Parts of Long Beach's iconic boardwalk were thrown about, as were cars, trees and debris. The city is under a "do not use the water" order, and residents are being told to avoid their water entirely. They are not to drink, shower, cook or brush their teeth with the water from their faucets. Frustrated residents tell News 12 Long Island that they are not getting the help that they expected. Many residents say they haven't heard from Nassau police, Long Beach police, the National Guard, the Red Cross or FEMA. They say they hope for a bigger outreach as they cope with a lack of water, electricity and cell phone service.City officials have implemented a 7 p.m. curfew. All residents must be off the streets at that time.PHONER: Long Beach City Manager Jack SchnirmanNews 12 reporter describes Long Beach as 'black hole'Long Beach water, sewer service down; city being evacuatedCity of Long BeachSandy Emergency Resources