LONG BEACH - Steps are being taken this year to make tomorrow's 'Irish Day' in Long Beach more family-friendly. Final preparations are under way in Long Beach for the annual St. Brendan's Irish Day Parade, otherwise known as 'Irish Day.' The Ancient Order of Hibernians have held the event for more than two decades to raise money for charity. While the event is meant to be family-friendly, neighbors say it has become a rowdy all-day booze festival with 20,000 people. City officials almost canceled the event this year but reconsidered after businesses agreed to help pay the city's $100,000 overtime bill for police and sanitation crews. The parade will also begin earlier and bars will have last call at 1 a.m. to discourage late-night rowdiness. Long Beach police say they'll be out in full force this year with roving patrols and DWI checkpoints. The City of Long Beach says it will evaluate what happens at this year's event to determine if more changes need to be made next year.