LONG BEACH - A Long Beach mother says she wasn't allowed to attend part of a hearing on allegations that a special education teacher physically and verbally abused students with autism in class.

The mother says she wants to hear what the accused teacher and others had to say, because her 16-year-old son, who also has autism, was one of her students.

The teacher, Lisa Weitzman, is accused of abusing children in the classroom.

The mother says she was kicked out of the meeting because the hearing officer called her a potential witness. But she says she's not a witness, she's a concerned mom.

As News 12 has previously reported, five parents have filed a lawsuit against the district. The suit alleges that Weitzman verbally and physically abused their children.

Weitzman's attorney says the teacher loved her students and accused the district of making up the charges.

The Long Beach School District had no further comment on the issue Friday.

Nassau County's District Attorney's Office has confirmed that it is also investigating the matter, and has contacted several of the parents involved.