LONG BEACH - Some Long Beach residents and businesses say they've endured 20 separate power outages over the past month.

With the recent heat wave, that means buildings and homes have been left without air conditioning.

Chris Karagiannis, manager of the Speak Easy restaurant, says PSEG workers instructed him to conserve power after a two-hour outage Wednesday.

But in the past two weeks, it's happened more than a dozen times, Karagiannis says -- costing the business thousands of dollars when he had to turn customers away.

It has also affected the Cabana, another restaurant next door, and some surrounding homes.

Cabana owner Bob Johnson says the timing of the outages is devastating his business.

"You have 12 weekends to make money down here," Johnson says. "So if you lose one or a few days, it can really affect your business for the remainder of the year."

Homeowner Sal Mastracchio says it's hard for him and his wife to get sleep at night in their Georgia Avenue home without air conditioning.