LOS ANGELES - (AP) - A judge made Lindsay Lohan's world a lotsmaller Wednesday, ordering the long-troubled actress confined to ajail cell for 30 days and to the state of California when she isreleased. The sentence by Superior Court Judge Stephanie Sautner was aimedat keeping close tabs on Lohan, who acknowledged she recentlyviolated court orders by getting booted from a community serviceassignment at a women's shelter. Lohan has been in court numerous times since her legal problemsbegan in 2007 with a drunken driving case. Sautner warned the actress that more time behind bars awaited ifshe messed up again. In reality, however, the initial 30-day sentence will besignificantly shortened by jail overcrowding, and sheriff'sofficials said she may only be at the jail for a few hours. In2007, the actress spent 84 minutes at the jail before beingreleased, and in the past she has served about 20 percent of hersentence, which is roughly six days. The actual length of the termwill be set by the Sheriff's Department, which oversees countylockups. The 25-year-old actress has until Nov. 9 to report for her jailterm, and Sautner ruled she cannot serve house arrest, as she didpreviously this year. The sentence also requires Lohan to perform community serviceassignments at the county morgue, undergo psychotherapy sessions,and appear monthly at court hearings between December and March. The judge also said Lohan can no longer leave the country andneeds the permission of her new "no-nonsense" probation officerto travel outside California.

Lohan released from house arrest after 35 daysJudge: Lohan didn't violate probation with parties