WOODBURY - Local leaders are pushing Congress to pass aid for Sandy relief, but Republicans are concerned about the price tag.

Gov. Cuomo and his tri-state counterparts are demanding $60 billion to help the region recover from the storm. 

The cash is slated to rebuild homes, bridges, tunnels and other infrastructure. 

Some Republicans say it's too much money, and they're not getting enough details to co-sign the big check.

Today, Sen. Chuck Schumer reminded his colleagues that the northeast has been there for other parts of the country.

New York lawmakers are also frustrated it's taken so long for Congress to pass an aid package.

Congressman Peter King (R-Seaford) says Congress must act before Christmas, and Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano says Sandy victims can't hold on much longer.

Congress took two weeks to send federal aid to Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina. It's been seven weeks since Sandy hit the area.