WOODBURY - A top official for Nassau County's Little League baseball has admitted to pocketing tens of thousands of dollars from the organization.

Bob Metzger's son and his Little League teammates won't be getting their banners or medals this year. It's not due to his District 29 team having a losing record, but because the league lost about $24,000.

The person allegedly responsible for the theft, a former administrator who wished to remain unnamed, led District 29 for 35 years. A spokesman for Nassau's district attorney says in a statement that they are verifying the allegations against the man. He is not currently facing charges.

The former administrator tells Newsday he had some problems and made a terrible mistake. Parents say they want more than an apology.

Little League's international representatives have issued a statement saying that the organization is investigating the matter and will ensure that all funds are returned to the district in a timely manner.