WOODBURY - An LIRR list obtained by News 12 Long Island lists 700 commuters who officials say have ridden the train four times or more without paying the fare. According to the LIRR, the fare-beaters tell the conductor they don't have money for a ticket, give their name and address, get billed, but never pay.The list states the top violator is David Newstein, of Greenlawn, who has been billed 35 times. Neighbors say Newstein lost his job and house a couple of years ago. Also among the railroad's top alleged offenders are Nicole Martinez, of Massapequa Park, and Matthew Fucito, of Ronkonkoma. The LIRR says it's billed the two 27 times each, to no avail.The railroad sent out more than 26,000 bills in 2009, but only 41 percent of them were paid. That amounts to $209,000 in unpaid fares. The LIRR says the amount of money lost each year in unpaid fares is less than one-tenth of 1 percent of its overall ticket revenue. List of LIRR Fare-Beaters - Page 1 List of LIRR Fare-Beaters - Page 2