WOODBURY - The Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) is planning to launch a pilot program banning loud conversations and electronic devices in certain cars.

As part of a test run this fall, the LIRR will designate at least one car on certain trains as the "quiet car" where passengers won't be able to make cell phone calls and play loud video games without headphones.

Some riders, such as Hector Diaz, are behind the idea.

"You just want to sit down and relax and unwind, and then all you hear is someone blasting music and screaming," he says.

NJ Transit and Amtrak already have "quiet cars," while Metro-North will be expanding its "quiet-car" program next month.

The LIRR says the "quiet-car" rules would be self-enforced by fellow passengers, or possibly by conductors with so-called "shush cards."

The "quiet-car" program will be launched on only a couple of lines at first, and then expanded to other lines if commuters embrace the program.