LINDENHURST - The MTA says the netting used to prevent pigeon droppings at the Lindenhurst LIRR station is here to stay despite calls for their removal.

As News 12 has reported, several dead birds were seen trapped in the netting underneath the platform. Live birds were also seen entangled and had even laid eggs in the netting.

News 12 reported the netting had been taken down after complaints, but that was not the case. The MTA says the agency is working with a contractor to get the pigeons out safely.

In a statement, the MTA says, "The installation of netting and spikes has proven to be an effective deterrent that we have deployed at a number of locations and one that typically poses no threat of harm or injury to the animals. In this case, traps were installed under the netting to catch and release pigeons, but our failure to adequately monitor traps resulted in the death of several pigeons."

The MTA says it's freed eight pigeons and removed three dead ones from the netting since Monday.

Despite the MTA's claims, people who spoke with News 12 said they would like to see the nets removed and a more humane system put into place.