WOODBURY - Some changes could be coming to the Long Island Rail Road after a few rough weeks that have led to some big delays for commuters.

Recent problems began on Sept. 2, when service in and out of Penn Station was suspended due to signal problems caused by a power outage. Almost two weeks later, a freight train derailment caused two days of delays, repairs and canceled trains. And this past Friday, another signal issue caused backups during the evening rush.

During a committee meeting Monday, LIRR President Patrick Nowakowski admitted that the system needs improvement. He announced steps to avert service meltdowns, which include installing a backup system for signal power.

Norkowski also said that the LIRR could do a better job of getting information to its customers. The automated visual and audio messaging systems can give wrong information about train service during major disruptions, he said.

Some commuters who spoke with News 12 said the proposed changes are steps in the right direction. They also said they like the LIRR's proposed idea to have live staff members on station platforms to deliver updates during service disruptions.

The LIRR also announced that it will end its WebTicket program, which enabled customers to order tickets online and have them sent to their homes. That program will end next month.