LONG BEACH - The Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) is slowly getting back on track in Long Beach. Limited diesel shuttle service began today. LIRR President Helena Williams says the shuttle will carry passengers from Long Beach to Lynbrook, where they will transfer to a regular electric train. One train will leave hourly during rush hour, and a train will leave every other hour during off-peak times. Many commuters have been wondering whether storm damage will force the MTA to raise fares above the projected 7.5 percent next year. MTA Chairman Joseph Lhota says it won't. "We know how to work with FEMA and how to work with the insurance companies, and I fully expect to get the reimbursement," Lhota says. "This event will have no impact on the fare and toll increases." LIRR officials say full service on all branches should be restored in a few days.