WOODBURY - LIPA says hundreds of its customers have been contacted by scammers within the last few days.

Officials say the scam involves a caller telling customers they have to buy a Green Dot Money Pac, which works like a prepaid debit card, in order to pay their bills. The caller then asks for personal information to purchase it.

LIPA does not accept payments through Green Dot or any other prepaid cards.

In some cases, LIPA says the scammer tells customers that they have a faulty meter that needs to be replaced for a hefty fee. LIPA says electric meters are the utility's property and responsibility.

Officials with LIPA say customers should never give personal information over the phone unless the customer initiates the call. Customers who are skeptical about an alleged call from the utility should immediately hang up and call the customer service number on their LIPA bill.

LIPA says customers should never let workers into their home to check wiring unless they have a scheduled appointment. They should also always ask utility employees for proper identification.

Customers who believe they've been contacted by scam artists should call LIPA's Customer Care Center at 1-800-490-0025 or 631-755-6000.