LINDENHURST - A Lindenhurst woman is warning Long Island residents about a tax scam that cost her $4,700.

Melissa Jungermann told News 12 that she received a call from someone who identified himself as an IRS agent two weeks ago. She says the caller knew all sorts of her personal information and said she was in trouble for tax evasion.

The supposed agent then said she could pay her bill by getting $4,700 worth of pre-paid credit cards at her local convenience store. She did, and then gave the caller the numbers.

New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman says scams involving phony IRS agents are on the rise particularly because the tax filing deadline is approaching.

Schneiderman says the IRS never demands tax payments over the phone. It only sends written notices. Also, legitimate government organizations don't threaten arrest for failure to pay debts, and will not ask for payments with pre-paid credit cards.

Jungermann says the scammer called her from a number with a 718 area code. Suffolk police and the IRS are investigating the incident.