BABYLON - Some limousine drivers on Long Island are being told not to make U-turns after four women were killed in a limo crash on the North Fork.

Robert Cunningham, president of the Long Island Limousine Association, is an experienced driver with more than 25 years behind the wheel. He says that he does not make U-turns unless it is absolutely necessary, since they can be challenging and sometimes impossible.

The association is now issuing a safety bulletin telling drivers that "under no circumstances whatsoever, are U-turns (either legal or not legal) allowed to be made at any intersection."

AAA says it is not uncommon for companies to make voluntary changes such as this, including UPS, which has a no-left turn policy.

Cunningham says that issuing the bulletin is just a first step in addressing a larger problem, and that something else needs to be done going forward. He plans to petition Suffolk County to implement changes at the intersection in Cutchogue where the fatal crash occurred.

Suffolk Legislator Al Krupski tells News 12 that traffic safety reviews are frequently conducted on county roads. However, there does not appear to be any legislation in the works at this time.