WOODBURY - As the stock market continues its wild roller-coaster ride, many Long Islanders are beginning to cast worried glances at their 401K plans, anxious to keep their nest eggs intact. Selma Mirman Rosen, of East Norwich, says she put more of her money in bonds than stocks the second she heard about the debt-ceiling crisis. However, certified financial planner Henry Montag says he advises investors not to do anything rash every time the market takes a dip, considering that a 401K is a long-term retirement account."I think the most important thing is to not react to the chatter," he says. Montag adds that the makeup of a 401K plan in terms of stocks versus bonds should depend on the investor's age."If you're 50, you should have 50-50," he says. "If you're 60, they suggest you have 60 percent in bonds, 40 percent in stocks."Meanwhile, younger investors with years to go before retirement are now aggressively bargain-hunting for stocks.For an extended interview with certified financial planner Henry Montag, go to your digital cable box and select iO Extra on Ch. 612.