SYOSSET - Long Islanders are divided tonight over President Barack Obama's decision to not release the photos showing a deceased Osama bin Laden.

Laurel Palatnick, of Cold Spring Harbor, says that the world doesn't need to see a photo of bin Laden with a bullet wound to his head.

"I think we should just believe he's dead, and that's all," she says.

However, there are those who feel differently.

"Show the whole world what he looks like and what happens to people who attack America," says John Carter, of Syosset.

The White House called the photos "gruesome" and "inflammatory." Habeeb Ahmed, of the Long Island Islamic Center in Westbury agrees, saying that extremists in third-world countries would be infuriated to see bin Laden killed in a gruesome manner.

One of the arguments to release the photos was to prove that bin Laden is in fact dead, but some believe it will do little to convince the doubters.