WOODBURY - ? It is a historic day as citizens across Long Island and the nation choose the next president. Republican challenger Mitt Romney got an early start at the polls this morning in Ohio. Romney had campaign stops scheduled today in Cleveland and Pittsburgh before heading to Boston to wait for the results to come in. Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan cast his ballot in Wisconsin this morning. He's the only member of either presidential ticket to vote in a swing state.President Obama cast his ballot last week. He became the first president ever to vote early.The Obamas returned to their hometown of Chicago last night.Today, Obama stuck to his Election Day tradition of shooting hoops at his family home. Obama says he'll watch the results from Chicago and deliver an address later tonight. Meanwhile, Vice President Joe Biden cast his ballot in Delaware this morning. Biden and his family flew to Chicago tonight to watch the results with President Obama.

Officials are also watching a key race for whoever will hold the balance of power in Congress. A total of 33 senators are up for re-election today.As for the House of Representatives, 33 of the 435 races are considered toss-ups.The Republicans are expected to keep control of the House.