LLOYD HARBOR - As crews comb through the wreckage of the Amtrak train derailment in Philadelphia, News 12 Long Island spoke to a native Long Islander who was aboard the train.

Janna D'Ambrisi, of Lloyd Harbor, was on her way back to Manhattan from DC when she said out of nowhere that she was launched into the air.

D'Ambrisi told News 12 she felt like the train was going too fast around the curve and then there was a jolt and you could definitely feel that the train derailed.

The train was filled with nearly 250 people when D'Ambrisi describes the impact as strong. She says the car filled with smoke shortly after.

D'Ambrisi says, "I was able to climb over other peopleas luggage and get to the bathroom. I could hear there was a man inside stuck and he said he had tried to unlock the door but it wouldnat unlock. I was pulling on it to get it open."

D'Ambrisi says she quickly found an emergency worker to break into the bathroom and get the man out.

So far seven people have died, and eight people are in critical condition with 150 more in the hospital.