LIDO BEACH - Members of a Lido Beach family say they're embroiled in a battle to get the multimillion-dollar settlement they were promised in a lawsuit over their neighbor's leaking oil tank.

Lynn Eskenazi says her family has had to leave its home four times since 2005 due to the effects of oil seeping into her house from her neighbor's oil tank. She claims her parents were forced to deplete their retirement fund and sell their home to help with ongoing legal fees.

Eskenazi says she's also concerned about the effects the leak has had on her family's health.

The Eskenazis sued their neighbors, the Makouls, for $2.3 million to clean up the oil leak. A settlement was reached with their two insurance companies, Hanover and One Beacon, but Eskenazi says the companies are trying to back out of the settlement.

A lawyer representing the Makouls and Hanover says they are committed to paying the full policy limits to resolve the case. A spokesperson for One Beacon says the company doesn't comment on pending litigation.

The matter is now in front of a New York Supreme Court judge in Nassau County.