WOODBURY - Hundreds of websites were apparently hacked Saturday to include the Islamic State group's flag, and at least one Long Island website was targeted.

An image and text appeared on Montauk Manor's website. It read, "Hacked by Islamic State. We are everywhere." The banner at the top of the page included a link to a separate Facebook page.

The Facebook page is that of a man using the name Muhammad Ali. There, the man lists a number of websites that he claims to have hacked throughout the United States.

A manager at the Montauk Manor condo complex says she was told her site is one of 800 that were hacked.

Congressman Lee Zeldin sent a statement to News 12, which read, "I am actively pursuing additional information with regards to [the] story of an ISIS hack of the Montauk Manor website. We are again reminded to remain most vigilant at all times. I will continue to monitor this issue closely and will report back once I receive new details that I can share."

News 12 has made calls to East Hampton police, Suffolk police and the FBI. None of the agencies were able to provide additional information.