HUNTINGTON - The Long Island teen who was attacked by a grizzly bear returned home to Huntington today. Simeon Melman, 17, and six others teens were in Alaska for a 30-day survival training Saturday when they faced the bear. During today's emotional homecoming, Melman said he was scared to encounter the grizzly "the size of a car" that charged at him. Four teens were seriously injured, but Melman and the others who weren't hurt sprung into action, administering first aid. Melman says he used the clothes off his back for bandages, signaled for help with an emergency beacon and set up camp. Despite his ordeal, Melman says he's looking forward to getting back into the wilderness. Alaskan authorities say they aren't planning to hunt down the grizzly because of the remote location where the attack happened, and the likelihood that it was a mother protecting her cub.

Teen to return to LI after AK bear attackLIer, 6 others attacked by grizzly bear in AK