WOODBURY - As Hurricane Joaquin continues to track east of Long Island, officials and residents are still preparing just in case.

Long Islanders have been doing the usual preparations including filling up gas tanks and stocking up on some extra food and water.

With Long Island being about 125 miles long, the weather story can be different from one neighborhood to another, and north shore to south.

Officials say residents can sign up for the different local government alerts, emergency numbers and apps.

Meanwhile, transit officials say the MTA is staying ahead of the kind of flooding trouble the area saw with Sandy. MTA says crews are testing pump systems and getting sand bags ready.

The LIRR is also making testing electric switches, and says it is prepared to suspend service if one of the storms gets too powerful.

On the power side, PSEG Long Island is keeping its eyes on the wind. Gusts are expected to be between 30 and 40 mph today and reported some outages already in the area.

The utility company says it has crews in position and they are ready to help restore power if necessary.

Currently, Hurricane Joaquin is hammering the Bahamas. The powerful storm is ripping off roofs, uprooting trees and unleashing heavy floods out on the area. Officials say some people remain trapped in flooded homes, but no deaths or injuries have been reported.