NESCONSET - Every step brings one Nesconset athlete closer to her dream.Maria Michta has been excited about race walking since she attended Sachem High School. Her coaches say she had a great passion for athletics even then. The Nesconset race walker has put her pursuit of a Ph.D in microbiology on hold to pursue her dream of winning a gold medal in the 20K women's race walk, which only became an Olympic sport in 2000. But don't be fooled by the word "walk." Michta says she can race walk a 7.5 minute mile for 12 miles in a row. The Nesconset athlete says she can't wait to get to the Olympics. "There is no nerves, there's excitement nerves, there's no pressure," she says. "This is it, your moment, your time to shine, to have fun with it."News 12 Long Island Special: Long Island Olympians