GARDEN CITY - A Far Rockaway mother who spent seven months behind bars for a crime she did not commit took the stand today to testify against the man accused of raping and then framing her.

Seemona Sumasar told jurors she broke up with her boyfriend Jerry Ramrattan after finding out he was married, but he refused to accept it. On the day of the alleged rape, she testified that Ramrattan duct taped her hands together, but said she wasn't scared until he started undressing.

"I said to him, 'Think about what you're doing, really, really think about it,'" Sumasar said.

Following the alleged rape, Sumasar said Ramrattan started to cry and apologize.

Throughout Sumasar's emotional testimony, Ramrattan was looking through court papers, at times with a puzzled look on his face.

According to the prosecution, when Sumasar threatened to go to the police about the rape, Ramrattan came up with an elaborate plot to silence his ex-girlfriend by accusing her of posing as a cop, pulling people over and robbing them at gunpoint.

Today, the judge said the Queens District Attorney's Office did not hand over material related to some of the witnesses that already testified. He called it a "serious breach of professional responsibility" and said he would consider dismissing some of the charges against Ramrattan.

Sumasar is expected to return to the stand tomorrow.