MORICHES - ? A Suffolk County fisherman was out enjoying a day on the water when a massive wave nearly took his life. Antonio Scivinich says he has been fishing for 65 years, but the former commercial fisherman says a rogue wave in Moriches Inlet almost cost him his life.

The boat went up with the wave and in an instant, the 19-foot Silverline was upside down in 50-degree waters.

Scivinich says once his boat capsized, he saw his cooler floating in the water and desperately tried to grab it, but was unable to. Scivinich said he went underwater about 10 times with the waves and climbed onto the boat, but there was nothing to grab on to. Scivinich went unconscious.

Another boater, Charlie, saw the boat capsize and reeled in the life ring and threw it out to Scivinich. Scivinich was pulled on board.