SEA CLIFF - A teen lacrosse player from Sea Cliff is on a mission to raise awareness and money for spina bifida, a birth defect that affects the spine. Billy Brennan, 17, was born with spina bifida and underwent spinal cord surgery when he was just 5 days old. He says learning and understanding what he went through as a newborn has impacted his life, and now he's out to use his love of lacrosse to raise money for the cause. As a goalie for the North Shore varsity team, Brennan asked people to pledge money for every goal he saved. On average, he raised $50 per save, and after 150 saves this season, he pulled in more than $8,000 for spina bifida. Half of the money is going to the neonatal intensive care unit at Presbyterian Hospital. The rest is going toward the Spina Bifida foundation. Brennan's coach says the entire team is proud of his accomplishment, and that he's known for leading by example.